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Fitness: Knowing Yourself and Thinking Outside the Box

It's safe to say that I know myself, pretty well in fact, and arguably better than anyone else. And recently, with the winter doldrums in full force, I have found myself lamenting the fact that it was dark when I went to work (shortly after 7), and dark when I returned home (around 6).

Being the flower child that I am, this was not proving good for my mental health.

Sure, I’d almost always exercise before work. Run to the gym, swim, lift, skip, calisthenics, etc.. And sure, I’d often exercise after work as well, maybe some bball, some lifting, whatever.

But gosh darn if it just didn’t seem to do the trick.

Again, being the sun loving, tree-hugging hippy that I am, I was fast realizing that I needed some vitamin D.

Or else.

Sound ominous?

It felt ominous!

The solution? Some outside the box thinking.

I decided that it would not be unfair, considering I’m working ~10 hour days, to think about going for a run at lunch time. Not only would this give me an afternoon endorphin and focus boost, but, it would give me a chance to catch some rays when the sun was soaring at its zenith.

So, I packed up a little bag with my extra set of thermal compression running pants, a pair of shorts, my extra set of trail shoes, a few shirts, and hauled it to work.

By 11 o'clock, the sun was pouring into my office (I'm fortunate to have a south facing window) and the dopamine was flowing through my mind.


I was about to get a sun-run in!

And best of all?

Instead of mashing carbs (damn winter cravings..) or forcing myself to eat healthy while suffering the mental drain of expending my self-discipline, I was taking control of a situation that had been having me feel sullen and depressed.

Rather than being locked up at the office, listfully longing while staring out at the sunshine, wistfully wondering why it was that I wasn't able to live the life I I wanted to live, I was out and about, flying around, without a care in the world, soaking up the sunshine and setting my spirit asoar.

Don’t take things for granted. Challenge conventions. And push yourself to seek out the things that will make you happy.

When I’m active, I’m happy. When I’m happy, I’m productive. When I’m productive, I feel fulfilled. And when you feel fulfillment, it creates a postive feedback loop that reinforces all the positive things that you’re doing to inspire that feeling.

Stay active.

Feel happy.

Be productive.

Achieve fulfillment.

Gratitude and Intention, people.

Make the most of each day and each moment.

They’re all we have and they’re the only thing we can’t get more of.

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