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Just Don't, You Know Better.

You know better. You’ve made this mistake before. Sure, you’re curious. Everyone gets curious. Everyone thinks back, looks back, wonders backwards and wanders around inside the labyrinth of their memories.

But just don’t. Don’t head back to that place. And definitely don’t open up that app. And if you do, definitely don’t type those words in. You know what you’ll see, and you know how it’ll make you feel.

Do other things instead.

Friends. Family. Fitness. Fame, fortune and life goals. Do the things that you’ve been putting off. You’ve heard it, and it’s true - The Obstacle is the Way.

For me, when I’m feeling stressed, nothing makes me feel better faster than cleaning. And I’m not the only one, ever hear about the The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up?

After you’re done cleaning, see how you feel. Check in. Are you still curious? Do you still feel compelled to explore?

If so, get your blood pumping.

Do some exercise!

Go for a run!

The runner’s high is a beautiful place to be. And if the sun is shining? Shit, things are looking up for you!

If you need to, text your friends. Tell them how you’re feeling. Copy and paste the same message and throw it out to all the folks who you trust and admire. They’ll give you the support you’re after.

Because really, you don’t want to torture yourself. We’re all masochistic, to a degree, but you don’t need that. You know all too well how it’ll make you feel. You’ve done it before! You’ve already learned this lesson! You’re smarter than this!!

Breakups, failures, mistakes.. life is hard enough, you don’t need to be confronted with their face again.

What’s the point?

Did you forget what they look like?

As my close friend Peter said, “Nothing good or helpful comes from longing after something/someone you can’t have


Text me instead, we can chat. 780.222.3123

And if you still want to? Fuck it. Yolo!

See what you find. It might not hurt. It probably will.

But you already knew that ; )

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